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Chogan perfume No. 217

Chogan perfume No. 217


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Chogan Parfum No. 217 is an exquisite fragrance that embodies timeless elegance and sensual sophistication. The refreshing top note opens with tangy citrus accords and a hint of juicy pear. The heart note reveals a floral melange of rose, jasmine and freesia, which gives the fragrance a feminine nuance. The base note presents warm woody accents of cedar and gentle vanilla, giving the perfume a long-lasting depth.

Chogan Parfum No. 217 is an olfactory journey that captivates the senses and elegantly underlines the feminine charisma.

Scent: The woody scent opens with a fresh top note of lavender and Amalfi lemon, which immediately captivates the senses. bThe heart note is dominated by the scent of African orange blossoms. In the base note, patchouli mixes with the rich essence of cedar wood, expressing its full intensity.

Fragrance family: Fresh - Synthetic

Scent pyramid:
Top notes: lavender, lemon
Heart notes: orange blossom

Base notes: patchouli, vanilla, cedar


Spray a small amount of perfume directly on the preferred part of the body: on the neck, behind the earlobes, on the chest. Or spray the perfume in front of you and immerse yourself in the cloud of scent.


Do not spray on an open flame or other source of ignition. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children.


Alcohol denat, parfum, limonene, linalool, alpha-isomethyl ionone, benzyl salicylate, citral, geraniol, citronellol, farnesol.

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Rebellious elegance

Immerse yourself in the bold world of Chogan perfume, a scent that embodies the perfect balance between elegance and rebellion. This unique scent evokes unwavering confidence and a provocative attitude.

From the first spray, Chogan enchants you with vibrant, spicy top notes. The zing of lemon combined with the freshness of lavender creates a bold, dynamic opening that commands attention.

At the heart of this fragrance, geranium combines with orange blossom, giving it an unexpected floral sensuality. These delicate notes contrast with the power of the spices, creating an intriguing and intoxicating blend that evokes both gentleness and strength.

The base of Chogan Parfum 017 reveals a captivating blend of patchouli and cedarwood. These woody and earthy notes add depth to the fragrance and leave a lasting impression reminiscent of rebellious elegance.

Wear this perfume to affirm your individuality and self-confidence. It embodies the duality that lies within each of us, combining innocence with seduction, gentleness with passion. Whether for a special evening or for your daily use, the Guilty-inspired perfume Chogan will accompany you with its unique charm and magnetic presence.

Let this scent remind you that rebellion can mean elegance, and that boldness can be a form of expression. Assert your style with Chogan and leave your olfactory footprint wherever you go.